Trekking with your baby in Nepal

Baby on board - What it is like to trek with your baby:

Adventure Alternative Borneo - Clouded Leopards

Last week some of our clients were treated with a rare viewing of a clouded leopard and her cubs out in the wild in Deramakot, Malaysian Borneo. Luckily, we had our trusty camera with us to capture this enchanting rare encounter that is sure to make your heart melt!

15 Beautiful Photos of Malaysia That Will Make You Want to Visit

Be inspired with Conde Nast's picture perfect album of Malaysia:

Jura - Adventure Alternative Russia Guide

Our expert Russian mountain guide prefers life in the great outdoors and feels at home in a tent along the foothills of Elbrus #MeetTheTeam

Seek and you shall find the rarest of them all! Last week was an exciting one as we made a rare find in our top wildlife destination - Deramokot, located in Malaysian Borneo.

Our recent bespoke tour group to this offbeat part of the world were treated to a spotting of three clouded leopards in one place - a remarkable find as these animals are some of the rarest in the world!

If you would like to spot them for yourself, contact us to tailor make your trip to the jungles of Borneo via email or message.

That #FridayFeeling of knowing you will be joined with good company this weekend @MagicalKenya #AdventureTravel

Jungle Survival Tips | Adventure Alternative blog

Let us teach you how to be a true 'Survivor' of the jungle:

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"The whole trek just blew my mind away"
This review actually blew us away!
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Himalayan yoga retreat | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Be Silent, Be Still. Start off 2018 with a yoga and mindfulness retreat in the Nepalese Himalayas:

Borneo Family Holidays | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Time to test how well your family survival skills are by heading over to the jungles of Borneo, Malaysia.

We organize bespoke offbeat family holiday to really test your family's' sense of adventure including spotting the rare clouded leopards in Malaysia best kept secret nature park, Deramokot or canoeing through the backwaters of Sarawak's untamed jungles to meet with the local Penan tribe - we guarantee it would be one family holiday not to forget!

Send us an email or message to find our more about how you can start planning your next tailored family adventure of a lifetime to Borneo:

Borneo Wildlife Tour - Orangutan Trek | Adventure Alternative

Want to see the real great vine swingers? Spot them in the rain forests of Borneo:

B.C. mountain climber completes elite global trek Seven Summits

Meet the amazing woman who has climbed all seven summits:

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#MondayMotivation The only Zen you will find at the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring with you - Zen Proverb 🗻

Sir Edmund Hillary's son still spreading message of the mountains

Sir Edmund Hillary's son still spreading message of the mountains:

Adventure Alternative

Have an insight to what is it like to climb Everest Base Camp:

Pasang Lhamu | Trekking Guide Nepal | Adventure Alternative

Meet Pasang - our pro Nepalese trekker and lover of Everest Base Camp:

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#FeelGoodFriday One of our recent traveller's Navid was only too happy to share his breakfast meal with his perfect gatecrasher in Kenya 🍳 🇰🇪 #GiraffeManor

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That #FridayFeeling of bolting out the office door to enjoy your next weekend adventure! #AdventureTravel

Accommodation in Kathmandu | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Check out your home away from home while preparing your trek with us in Nepal:

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When was the last time you let nature be your teacher? Be inspired with our latest tours for 2018:

WATCH: Adventurer plans seven peaks in seven weeks | Independent on Saturday

Be inspired with this crazy climbing itinerary!

Himalayan yoga retreat | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Time to treat yourself and mind just right:

Adventure Alternative Borneo

This doesn't happen everyday in Borneo... Family of clouded leopard putting in an appearance during the day for the Adventure Alternative team in Borneo!

Himalayan Mountains - Guided Climbs and Trekking |Adventure Alternative

Think trekking in Nepal is all about conquering Everest? Think again! Check out the range of treks from beginners to advanced throughout the Himalayas:

Medical Electives | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

''It certainly reconfirmed my decision to do medicine''
One of our Bristol University student's on undergoing a medical elective with our charity, Moving Mountains Trust in Nepal.

Find out more about how you can enhance your medical expertise aboard:

Borneo Family Holidays | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Thought about getting pleasantly lost in the jungle for your next family getaway?

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Great things never come from comfort zones #MondayMotivation #adventuretravel

Adventure Alternative

See how we are supporting the local mountain communities in Nepal with our charity, Moving Mountains Trust:

BRING ME THE HORIZON Members Have Successfully Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro For Charity - Metal Injection

How is that for rock-spiration! Sheffield band Bring Me to The Horizon have not only conquered the music charts, but now Kilimanjaro too!

Climber scales Ben Nevis every day in October in bid to beat depression - Sunday Post

Climbing the equivalent of five Everest's to beat depression:

Gilbert Njeru | Trip leader | Adventure Alternative Kenya

Our ever happy Kenyan guide and self proclaimed 'King of Embu' Gillie is not only one of our superstar guides in Kenya but also the chairperson for our charity, Moving Mountains Trust. He not only helps to run epic trips of a lifetime but assists with all our volunteer programmes throughout the world #MeetTheTeam

Climb Mount Kenya | Point Lenana and the climbing peaks | Adventure Alternative

There is more than one way to traverse Mount Kenya:

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Calling all adventurous cat lovers - we have just spotted a pair of rare marble cats in the jungles of #Borneo! #FeelGoodFriday

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That #FridayFeeling of treating yourself for a well deserved beverage after all that hard work! #TGIF #AdventureTravel

Charity Expedition to Kenya | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

How to mix in an adventure of a lifetime and volunteering for a good cause:

Failures And Friendships On The Great Himalayan Trail

An inspiring read on the 'Failures And Friendships On The Great Himalayan Trail' #adventuretravel

Mount Kenya Traverse | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Everest...Kilimanjaro and then there's Mount Kenya! Mix safari and all in between with climbing this legendary African peak:

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The art of being wise is to know what to overlook - William James #ThursdayThoughts

Failures And Friendships On The Great Himalayan Trail

An inspiring read on the 'Failures And Friendships On The Great Himalayan Trail':

Mount Kenya Traverse | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Everest...Kilimanjaro....then theres Mt Kenya! Mix safari with climbing this legendary African peak #Kenya

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Climbing is the closest that some of us come to flying - where would you like 'fly' next?

Meet Beatrice - beneficiary of Moving Mountains

See how you can change someone's life while you discover the world:

Himalayan yoga retreat | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Loosen yourself from the daily grind and heighten your senses in our Himalayan yoga retreat: