Mount Toubkal winter | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Morocco isn't just home to tagines and trinkets, it's also home to North Africa's tallest mountain, Mount Toubkal. Check out the view for yourself:

Donegal teacher's climb up Africa's highest mountain inspired by street children

'It gave me great motivation' climbing #Kilimanjaro to raise funds for street kids. Be inspired by Nicola's efforts #CharityTuesday

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The world's most tranquil places - according to you

Feeling the Monday blues? Check out the most tranquil places - lucky we know a few already!

How a Mountain Climber Ended Up Creating Viral Images of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

No filter required! How mountain climbers Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer created their viral images of the solar eclipse. Learn from their photography hacks:

Yala Peak | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Last minute spots available on the #YalaPeak trek in Nepal:

The Secret to Adrian Ballinger’s No-Oxygen Everest Summit: A Q&A with Uphill Athlete’s Scott Johnston | TrainingPeaks

See how mountaineer Scott Johnston primed his body to take on Mount Everest - all without oxygen:

Jangbu Sherpa | Trekking and High Mountain Guide | Adventure Alternative

Meet our expert mountain guide Jangbu who doesn't just favour one mountain in the Himalayas but likes to also explore others - Himlung, Mera & Island Peak - too!

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Do you need more inspiration to have an adventurous weekend ahead? See what inspires us:

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#FeelGoodFriday We just had a couple return from Deramakot Forest Reserve in Malaysia Borneo and they managed to capture the grand sight of a clouded leopard in the dark of the night. Talk about a sight to behold as these pictures prove that this is one of Sabah's best wildlife destinations!

Auckland couple celebrate 40 years by traversing continents

Forget the flowers! A couple celebrate their love by traversing continents.

Kit list for trekking in Nepal | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Started to think about packing for your next trek and not sure where to start? See our trekking kit list:

Yala Peak | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

There is more to Nepal than just conquering Everest. The Yala Peak and Langtang trek offers another take on experiencing the remote Himalayas and without too much technical difficulty.

Family Holidays to Adventurous Places! | Adventure Alternative

Leave the dinner table behind and bring the family together with a bespoke family adventure instead:

Food & accommodation on a trek in Nepal | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Ever thought about what's for dinner climbing #Everest? Check what's on the menu:

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In the mountains of wisdom, no climbing is in vain - Nhat Hanh #Everest

Dublin People - Northside man climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

The luck of the Irish! From never attempting a mountain climb to climbing #Everest, see how Derek Mahon become the only Southern Irish person to reach the summit:

Charity trips | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Thought about 'Paying it Forward' but didn't know how or where to start? Take a look into our charity tours and be inspired to make a change in the world #CharityTuesday

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What an amazing few days our guests have had in Borneo!

In just 4 nights they've had 2 amazing encounters with clouded leopards, 2 marbled cat sightings, 5 groups of gibbons, 8 orangutans, Borneon bristleheads, 2 moon rats, and a real National Geographic moment watching a pair of yellow throated martens eating fruit (we didn't know they did that), and then to top it all off an amazing sighting of a sunbear - this guy paid no attention to us at all, he was walking around munching berries, had a sleep, ate more berries then had a little scratch.

More photos to follow!

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If only you needed that extra bit of inspiration to take on Africa's highest peak, #Kilimanjaro:

There is Wi-Fi all over Everest, says photographer Danial Shah of his base camp experience

Worried about being uncontactable while taking on #Everest? Need not to fear, Wi-Fi is here:

Mount Toubkal winter | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Morocco - home to markets galore and steep climbs! Check out what it is like to climb North Africa's tallest mountain Mount Toubkal with our winter climb:

Diabetes Ireland

We're so chuffed to be working with Diabetes Ireland again as they prepare for their climb of Kilimanjaro with us later this month!

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The start of the week has sounded - we hope it is a top one for you! #Nepal

Africamp - A school expedition in Tanzania

Take out the popcorn to look back on a life-changing Africamp expedition with our charity Moving Mountains Trust in #Tanzania:

After dreaming of the UTMB for two years, I can finally say I've completed it - Canadian Running Magazine

Anyone else hungry for stunning views and epic trails of the #Alps?

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Good morning from the summits of #Everest! See how you could enjoy this view up close and personal too!

Mount Elbrus North Route | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Forget pitching your tent on the green, pitch it on the pristine #MtElbrus #Mountaineering #Russia

Adventure Travel, Trekking and Climbing Holidays | Adventure Alternative

Time to tick off the bucket list and brace yourselves for the 6962m climb ahead taking on Mount #Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and part of the fabled 'Seven Summits.' Tag someone who you would like to conquer Aconcagua with!

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Happy weekend everyone! Are you having a nice sleep in like these two lazying around in the #Serengeti?

Lopsang Sherpa | Adventure Alternative Nepal mountain guide |

Ain't no mountain high enough for our #Everest expert climber, Lopsang who calls the highest of all peaks his office space. Find out more about his high altitude expertise:

Pair climb Kilimanjaro in pink tutus after raising £21,700

#FeelGoodFriday Pretty in Pink duo climb #Kilimanjaro in tutus for charity. What would be your costume of choice?

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It's been a good couple of nights for our guests in Borneo.. They've had company from the smallest of the #BigCats - the Clouded Leopard

Mount Toubkal winter | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Morocco isn't just home to tagines and trinkets, it's also home to north Africa's tallest mountain, Mount Toubkal. Check out our latest deal on the next winter climb:

Medical Camp in Nepal | Adventure Alternative Expeditions

Our Medical Camps offer a unique experience in Himalayan villages in Nepal and large rural communities off the traditional tourist trail in Western Kenya but don't take our word for it, read some of the feedback from Medical Students and reviews from local Medical staff at the following link;

How Climbing A Massive Mountain Sent My Fears Tumbling

Conquer the fear! How climbing a mountain can help boost your confidence.

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Forget the school excursion to the zoo! #TBT to when we hosted the school expedition of a lifetime in #Kenya supporting our charities work - Moving Mountains Trust

Moving Mountains Nepal medical camp report 2017

Report from our 2017 Moving Mountains Nepal Medical Camp in the lower Solukhumbu region of the Himalayas. The camp ran through August in the villages of Bupsa and Bumburi.

Charity climber thought she was hiking in Wales - before realising HUGE mistake

Thinking about doing a charity climb on Kilimanjaro? Just make sure you get your country right!

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Look who is peaking in the background while glacier trekking Nepal! #Baruntse

Cyclist rides the height of Everest to fight testicular cancer

To raise awareness of testicular cancer, a cancer survivor has set himself the challenge to cycle the height of Mount Everest in just 17 hours.

Mountain man Simon Yates remembers over three decades on mountains and ice caps

''The more isolated, the less frequented, the better'' according to professional mountaineer Simon Yates - we couldn't agree more!

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Smiles all around! Our happy tour leader Gillie is all smiles leading the Kingsbere Explorer Scouts around Kenya last month. Not only did they conquer Mount Kenya but explored the wild side of Naivasha and the breathtaking game reserve Masai Mara. Find out how you could be just as happy as Gillie in Kenya here:

Climbing Kilimanjaro to develop the next generation leaders | Southern Courier

Climbing Kilimanjaro to develop the next generation leaders:

How to Climb Mont Blanc - The Two Easiest Routes

What are the two easiest routes to climb France's Mont Blanc? Check out climber Charlie Boscoe's take each route to reach Western's Europe's highest peak at 4808 metres.

Gavin Bate from Everest Base Camp talks about Moving Mountains Nepal

#SundayFunday It's time to press rewind on an memorable #Everest climb by our MD Gavin Bate with our charity Moving Mountains Trust:

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Rise and shine from the hilltops of Mount Aconcagua!

Yoga Retreats in the Himalayas | Adventure Alternative

The Himalayas isn't all about trekking - there is also room for improvement! #Fitspiration

Sasha Lebedev | Mountain leader in Russia | Adventure Alternative

Want to hear what it is like to call Europe's highest mountain your office? Get to know our #Elbrus expert Sasha: